• 23 Days of Advent

    Day 23 Time To Bring It Home

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 “I’ll Be Home for Christmas; you can count on me. We’ll have snow and mistletoe, and presents under the tree. I’ll be Home for Christmas; where the love light gleams. I’ll be Home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.”

That song is on the top ten of the Christmas playlists.  It is one of many about “home”.   So, why are we so obsessed with “home” at Christmas?  Of course Christmas is about love coming to the world and we want to be with those we love. For some that describes home; but not for everyone.  Home is more than that.  We all love the song,  “I’ll be Home for Christmas” partly because in the end the writer is only at home in his dreams.  We can all get there, right?   “Home” is a state of mind.  It is a place of love and comfort, a place where we are accepted for who we are, where we can truly be ourselves.  Let’s remember that we celebrate Christmas because of the baby in the manger.  A baby who was and is “God with us.”  Jesus would redefine “home” and acceptance.  His new version of home is one where all are welcome; where all of loved, just as they are.  We have a saying at Royal Oak First, 

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through,

No matter whom you love or who loves you,

You are welcome here.

Now that’s home.  Home becomes more than a state of mind; it is a state of “soul”.   Our souls find rest in the home of love. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I say it once again, all pastors are like Santa Claus, Christmas Eve is our big night.  At our church we have five services from 11 am until 11Pm.   I am privileged to preach the 11 am service and believe me as I type this blog, I have “miles to go before I sleep”.   So it is time to bring this Advent blog home.   Thank you for coming on the journey to Christmas with me.    I leave you with the words from one of my favorite Christmas songs, and coincidentally the title of my sermon for tomorrow.   Celebrate Me Home. 

Please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song,
That I’ll always remember,
And I can recall, whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home.   

This Christmas may you find that “one more song”… so you can remember just how much God loves you; so you can remember that never ending, undeserved, unconditional love whenever you find yourself too alone.. You can remember and sing yourself home. 

Grace and Peace at Advent,


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