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Lenten Blog -Post Easter 2018

Lenten Blog – Post Easter

Happy Easter.  I come to the end of the Lenten Blog for 2018.  Thank you for letting me share this special season with you.  As always thank you for looking past the typos and less than perfect pictures of a daily venture.  I do post from time to time and the website is always open for comments and discussion.

Grace and Peace –


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Lenten Blog Holy Week - Betrayal

On this Saturday before Easter I am thinking about the betrayal of Jesus, not just by Judas and not just by the fickle crowd but the betrayal that slips into our lives and our world. Jesus faced so many cruel and hurtful betrayals.  When…
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Lenten Blog Maundy Thursday the first Last

The Maundy Thursday service is always a favorite.  It is a celebration of the Last Supper.  We put tables down the center aisles of the church and a table across the front.  We gather at the table to remember.  As the service progresses…
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Lenten Blog Holy Week Day 3 Sow Some Seeds

Lent has become a special time for Christians, but as we approach Holy Week we start to remember and honor those last days of Jesus on earth.  For the most part it is not a pretty picture.  We see humanity at its worst.  Still we are able…
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Lenten Blog Holy Week Day 2 Keep it Simple

So what is happening the day after Palm Sunday?    For clergy  Mondays are always difficult, but recovering from the frantic pace of Palm Sunday is the most challenging.  And looming on the horizon are the multiple services of Holy Week…
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Holy Week Day 1 Make Some Noise

Part of the joy of Palm Sunday is simply the “loudness” of the day.  We wave Palms and shout “Hosanna”.  Today at our church we passed our “noisy buckets” (with some expert usher helpers.) Everyone puts in loose change into the…
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Lenten Blog Day 29 A Fish to Fry

At the final Lenten Fish Fry at our church around 500 people gathered to break bread and eat fried fish. Many of the people at the tables are not from our church; the word about great fish on Friday nights gets around and families come from…