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#14 Live from the Hot Dog Stand

We are shaped by our experiences.  Our lives are marked by where we were in those “life moments.” I remember sitting in front of the TV set with my parents in November of 1963, watching the news footage of the shooting and death of President John F. Kennedy.   I remember being in my office in […]

Go Ahead God, I’m listening.

Go Ahead, God.  I’m listening.  I have been trying to write a blog about the fear of disapproval for the past four days… I can’t.  I simply cannot.  Like so many of you, I am in quarantine.   I am so grateful for all of the technological ways that we can reach out. I have googled […]

Day 12 Learning How to Be Alone

The good news:  if you are afraid of being alone… you are not alone, most people are.   I talked about it in my sermon this morning.  The deep fears behind being alone are the fears of being lonely, and the fear of being insignificant.  First, let’s tackle how to be alone and not lonely.   As […]

Day 11 – Let Us Pray

I interrupt this regularily scheduled blog for a word of prayer. What a day it has been. Today (like most churches) we at Royal Oak First moved all of our worship to “on line” services and we closed the doors to the church for all services, gatherings and meetings for at least three weeks. To […]

Day 10 Alone but Not Lonely

That is the question:  can we be alone and not be lonely?   Let’s look at the difference between the two.  Being alone simply means we are by ourselves.  It is a state of being.  Loneliness is an emotion; the feeling of being abandoned, isolated and unvalued. Loneliness is a state of mind. We can feel lonely […]

Lenten Blog Day 8 Fear of Our Own UnKnown

Lenten Blog Day 8  The Fear of Our Own Unknown. The opposite of “our own unknown”  is our need to be known.  When did our lives become so dependent on being recognized, on the number of likes we get on a post or our ability to connect with hundreds of people through technology?   Is this […]

Lenten Blog Day Six – 6 Ways to Cope with Stress

Movement Ok… just as we are learning to be still, we come to the next step to cope with anxiety and stress.  It’s Movement.   We know that exercise has lots of physical benefits but getting our bodies moving can also improve our brains.  Studies have shown that physical exercise at least twice a week will […]

Lenten Blog Day Five- 6 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Every Tuesday night a large group of ladies gathers at my church.   We study a book, we pray together, but mostly we laugh and cry and bond .  It is a safe space to articulate whatever is going on in our lives.  Deep friendships are made.   We “belong”.  It is not an exclusive group by […]