Living in the Present; Living in the Presence Day 1

I love watching God move in the world and I never tire of seeing something and just knowing God’s hand was there. Sometimes it is in the smallest of things. I was looking for a phone number for someone I hadn’t talked to in years. I knew his phone number was probably on an old email, but on an account from a company now out of business. Oddly enough, that email account was still on my computer and even more amazing, it was still active. Most of the recent emails were just ads but there was one from Rob Bell’s website. The New York Times once called Rob the Billy Graham of our day and I am a big fan of his writings and sermons. In the email Rob tells the story of his recent skiing accident and head injury. It was an injury that gave him amnesia and forced him to “live in the present.” His brain healed and he is using this experience to hold events/ seminars on living in the present. I struggle with living in the moment, so on this day God led me to some help. As Rob Bell would say…”are you tracking with me?” I went to an email account that should be closed and found a recent email that set me on a better path. Seeing and acknowledging God’s hand is part of what I call …”living in the presence.” God’s hand moves and his presence is all around us whether we see it or not. But when we do, amazing things can happen. For me, I often miss the obvious because I am not engaged in the present. I’m a day dreamer and here’s a wacky confession: I sometimes spend hours creating a story in my head or reliving a book I’ve read and adding a few chapters to the end. It was for many years my way of escape, a coping mechanism. But lately I find it to be a distraction from living in the moment. And tonight at the beginning of Lent I am asking myself, “How can I take the creativity that swirls around in my head and bring it into the present? How can I use it as a bridge and not a barrier to God’s presence? I’m starting with a blog. A little discipline that I will share.
Grace and Peace on this Ash Wednesday