Welcome to the Advent Blog.  It is a different kind of Advent and this will be a different kind of blog.   We are going to Imagine,   Sit back, take a deep breath and open your mind to an Advent of Imagination…

On November 15th of 2015 a 34 year old pianist named Davide Matello pushed his piano out into the street in Paris, to a spot outside the Bataclan Theater, one of the deadliest spots in the terrorist attacks the night before.  Matello took his seat at the blood stained piano and began to play John Lennon’s “Imagine.” When I picture that in my imagination, it is quite a scene.   Amid the destruction and the chaos of the terrorist attacks, a man sits at a piano and calls the world to “Imagine.”    As I write this blog, like so many of us, I am in isolation at my house, sheltering from a virus that has claimed the lives of more than 1.5 million people worldwide,  more than 250 thousand in the U.S.  Quarantined in our homes, Advent will have a different look, a different pace, this year.   For this journey to Christmas, we will need our imaginations.  Albert Einstein said:  “Logic gets you from A to Z, but imagination takes you there.” 

Imagination allows us to experience Advent in new ways, ways that are not tied to or limited by space or place.  When Matello finished playing in the streets of Paris, he told reporters: “I wanted to be there to try and comfort and offer a sign of hope.”

Hope is the first candle of Advent.  Light your candle, then drag your piano into the street and sing the song of hope.   How does that song go?… “The thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…”

Grace and Peace at Advent

Pastor Myra

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