I interrupt this regularily scheduled blog for a word of prayer. What a day it has been. Today (like most churches) we at Royal Oak First moved all of our worship to “on line” services and we closed the doors to the church for all services, gatherings and meetings for at least three weeks. To say this is unprecedented is an understatement. I know in my heart it was necessary, but the decision continues to weigh heavily on me. Yes, we will blast out “on line” church, on Sunday, bigger and better than ever. Yes, we will reach our children on line and through facebook. Yes, we will continue to feed the homeless and hungry; we will simply hand out meals at the door. Yes… but….. (part of me is looking out the widow to watch for a swarm of locust.)

I don’t know about you but I need to go to God. Let us pray.

O God, our help in ages past; our hope for years to come, grant us peace of mind. Calm our troubled hearts and anxious minds. Give us clarity and determination to walk the path that you have laid out for us with the knowledge and confidence we get from your love. Give us strength, O God. Help us to trust in your love, God and know that you will heal the stress of this day. Help us to remember that after the darkness of night, the sun rises each day. The light of your love breaks through the chaos and tells us that our faith is indeed stronger than our fear.

Be with our church, our community, our world and all of those who are impacted by the coronavirus. Bring us healing, Bring us comfort, Bring us peace.

(and all God’s children say….” AMEN

.Grace and Peace


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  1. Jan Thomas
    Jan Thomas says:

    It is a really sad feeling to think the church itself is closed! It is just surreal! I will be online, but it felt better to know YOU were there!!! Love you, Myra!!


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