Let’s kick off day 2 of Lent with a great quote from Mother Teresa.

“In the silence of the heart God speaks, If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you.”

In the silence of the heart, God speaks.  Yes, we want to hear God speaking to us, but the question is how we do that? How do we find the silence?  How do listen to our hearts?  “Follow your heart” is something we hear often.   But what does that really mean?  And how do we reconcile that with our minds and most importantly with God?  Even as I typed the words my brain jumped to that 80s song, “Listen to your hearrrt.”  Ok, I never really liked that song. Still, you can see what I’m up against as I try to “tame the brain” and find the silence to explore what is really in my heart.   We’ll go there slowly and to appease the brain, I’ll begin with a definition.

Listening and following your heart means following your passion, listening to that gut feel or natural drive.  It is not necessarily logical or strategic.  (Following what is not logical, not strategic as defined with this world…does this sound like any one we know…”the last shall be first”…)

Let’s go deeper.  We think of following our heart as a career choice, doing what we love, following our passion.  In this Lenten Season, let’s explore what that means in our relationship with God.  Look at these verses out of Proverbs

So you will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:4-5

The words that are process in my mind are Trust and Silence.  Finding the silence and trusting God and of course “not leaning on our own understanding.”    I have a great story from Mother Teresa’s life on trust…but that’s for tomorrow.

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